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a message to volunteers

      In the hopes of providing insight into this weekend’s event and to keep anyone from feeling overwhelmed, this message is being shared with all those volunteering.

A special thanks to all those in the community that have donated or are helping prep,

run and execute Gyro Bowl 2023!

A link has been provided to view the Gyro Bowl Menu:

Select "Pickup" then "The Hellenic Center" venue to navigate to the menu portion.  If you have time and if you choose, the menu and all modifiers are listed to familiarize yourself with. Please understand there is no obligation to review the menu. Outlined below are some changes to menu items and procedures that may require getting used to. Our collective efforts and success for so many years is beyond our control and is truly a design of God. We are blessed to have so many willing volunteers to sacrifice their time for the support of the beautification, maintenance and missions of the church. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

-The Parish Council &    Kimisis Committee of Volunteers

outline of changes...


    • Delivery will now be available to those ordering online through our square site. They will show up as online orders and print out just like online orders do. We will navigate through potential issues as they happen, although they should not vary from our typical online ordering issues. I’ve provided the email and my personal telephone number on the receipt to allow an outlet of feedback for any disgruntled customer. Feel free to share my number with anyone that has an issue with anything at anytime.


    • ​Beverages will now be available to those ordering online, place them in the bag along with the food items. Beer will also be available to those ordering online and for delivery. Place them in the bag along with the food items. The beverage refrigerator will be located behind the cashiers and will be stocked with the Greek Beer “Fix.” Everyone that orders beer in person must provide proof of age through proper identification, there are no exceptions. General rule of thumb, if they look under 60, ID them.


    • Guests will have to go to the bar room to purchase Tsipouro (Greek Moonshine), Ouzo and Greek Red & White Wine, they do not pre-purchase through the food line. The bar has its own register. You can only get Beer and regular beverages on the food line.


    • The Gyro now has specific modifiers added to it to make it easier to charge for any extras. Feta, Lettuce and Fries are all options that will be available to add into a Gyro for those ordering online and upon request to those ordering in person. These modifications are available through the Gyro and Chicken Gyro modifiers. There will be a bucket of feta and lettuce along with soufflé cups or shots of feta, tzatziki and extra dressing placed in the refrigerator next to the food warmer alongside the gyro prep line to have easier access. To add fries into the Gyro, grab a small handful for stuffing into the pita, not an entire side order’s worth.


    • There is now a Meatless Pita… Same prep as the Gyro with tomato, onion and tzatziki but WITHOUT the Gyro meat and with a handful of fries in it instead. There are options to add feta, lettuce etc. for an added cost as well.


    • a great source of added revenue, tip prompting has proven successful and has raised thousands of dollars in additional funds. To all cashiers in the food line and bar, remember to swivel the square stand for each credit card sale. If the customer is paying by card...

      • Just like when they pay cash, click "CHARGE" on the order screen

      • Once they tap or insert the card, swivel the screen to them

      • They will follow all prompts including the option to include gratuity and to send a digital receipt


    • We are all volunteers doing our best. There is no standard to be met or unrealistic expectation to live up to. As volunteers and members of the Kimisis parish community we have proven we are grateful for one another and accepting of one another for whatever we have to give. We excel at some things and are deficient at others yet we pull through as a community. As we continue our fundraising efforts our consistency in the service and product we provide will help

      • 1. Satisfy our patrons and keep them coming back time and time again

      • 3. Maintain growth

      • 4. Offset our food cost/loss​​


    • If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to any member of the Parish Council / Committee Member. 

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