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      He was 19 years old, it was February 10th of 1911 when Alex Pappas began selling newspapers, confectionary goods & food at this very location. He continued to run his business for over 50 years. Alex’s & it's four generations of proprietors have all been part & parcel of Market Street & the Poughkeepsie scene ever since. Nick & Georgia Kapogiannis owned Alex's from the 60's until soon after the turn of the century when they sold it to their great nephew Dimitrios Pertesis. In 2017, his son Michael Pertesis then took over and continues in the spirit of his predecessors.

            President Franklin D. Roosevelt, actress Faye Emerson, William W. Smith, the “Trade” of the “Trade & Mark” Smith brothers Cough Drop Company, countless city officials, lawyers, judges, business people, workers, residents & travelers from both near & far are all among our patrons of both past & present. Alex’s has been the social & food hub of downtown Poughkeepsie for over 100 years. Come alone or in company of colleagues, clients, friends or family... over a cup of coffee, griddle cakes, homemade hash or hand-crafted burgers, we welcome you to join the legacy of over a centuries’ worth of hospitality & food.


-The Pertesis Family

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